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The connection to the location (laterite stone), to the research circle (predominantly constituted by philosophical and psychological references), on the proprietor, mister Vedeshwar…… and his head… and his have follow of finding know-how via enigma, Predicament, indicators, esoteric language and situations clock hole amongst solar or lunar calendar based (3mn56s)…which becomes the procedure to manifest his illusion in the spectrum of the real.

[9] The entire world Social Discussion board (WSF) is an annual Assembly of civil Culture companies, initially held in Porto Alegre, Brazil, which offers a self-mindful exertion to acquire an alternative long term in the championing of counter-hegemonic globalization. Some consider the WSF for being a Actual physical manifestation of world civil Modern society, mainly because it brings alongside one another NGO, advocacy campaigns as well as official and casual social movements in search of Global solidarity.

” …L’architecture expérimentale s’est déplacée sur un nouveau corpus d’instrumentations, fait d’outillage, de computation, de machinisme mais aussi et simultanément de fictions et lignes de subjectivités, en synchronicité avec nos symptômes ; de peurs et d’échappées belles ‘’ici et maintenant’’. L’situation de ce flash back 1993-2050, c’est de parcourir des attitudes en corrélation, en co-dépendances des formes qu’elles sous-tendent, au travers de leurs conflits et réciprocités. C’est découvrir un monde submit digital, write-up humain, write-up activiste, submit démocratique, submit fileéministe, …un monde queer…androgyne, charnelle, inquiétant, désenchanté, pornographique, transitoire, transactionnel, …ou les scenarios, dispositifs, malentendus, fragments psychiques et physiologiques sont les matériaux mêmes des murs et des plafonds, des caves et des greniers, …schizoïdes et paranoïaques, aux creux de fictions opératoires et critiques… Les plis et replis androgynes derrière lesquelles… ils/elles… se dissimulent déclenchent confusions et résteps épidermiques, hostilités suspectes, idéalisation fantasmée, voir oubli prémédité.

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I had refused in 2002 (see over) being the co-curator-scenographer in the French pavilion with you. The reasons haven't altered and the implications are acquiring worst… but very little to report, every little thing will probably be all suitable, from the French cultural Teletubbies… you're going to get your fork out at the end of the thirty day period… ‘I’ll be seeing you.’

Henry David Thoreau, a number one transcenden­talist, had an early impact about the individualist anarchist school of assumed.

i must … eliminate this pores and skin … scar significantly less … no i don’t are worthy of any better … … should make the lips fatter … i don’t feel Considerably nevertheless in any case … … must bring the eyes nearer … reduce the eyelids … will have to stand up … need to vo-ci-fe-price … …. but no … it … seriously … is okay for me ….. Indeed … I'll remain there for an additional whilst … … … slashing the entrails … … desexualizing …… on the skin … no i won’t say something ……… haven't any phrases of my very own …… no voice … i’m veiled … un-unsealed … all the things below in stasis … …… enstasy …… inside … folded … undeveloped … enfolded … curled up hid twisted torn … in reverse embrace … fondling faces … … …

Le joker/ Scanning 3D…point Cloud…micro station pour les transférer en factors index sur rhino…Python pour générer des attracteurs…approximation de floor…3Dprint… remodelage de la area by means of ‘plaster’… scan Kinect…puis rhino pour générer des cluster…et contrôler la inhabitants et distribution….un peu de grasshopper dans tout ça…pour éviter les site de code inutile…et….fraisage dans bloc d’alu…coulage de PP avec insert pour modifier le components sur les thirty 000 deviceés…+ un Kuka-Agila pour tester les fraisages négatif-positif…. Je ne crois en rien à l’architecture paramétrique…c’est un délire d’omnipotence de Patrick Schumacher (entre autre)… et des archi un peu feignant qui ne veulent pas s’affronter aux formes qu’ils génèlease… en justifiant de la procédure soit disant scientifique pour les valider…cela produit une ignorance-stupidité du milieu qui confond leur raison d’être avec l’alibi de leur emergence…cela génère des Singes savant sous payés….

“Pull yourself collectively and don’t get up right until you are feeling All set to do so. You may experience a little perplexed for the couple seconds when the nano-receptors are increasingly being expelled and reabsorbed.

Some thing tends to make persons would like to walk, experience or climb to mountaintops, how perilous an endeavor This can be on account of conditions of terrain and weather. It is a thing totally irrational. Some have on their own introduced to your tops of mountains with trains, cable vehicles and perhaps helicopters. It is frequently believed this is to understand a sublime, untameable mother nature, considering the fact that it's been now the concept of numerous a sublime Romantic painting or poem. But in fact most Alpine mountain tops are as artificial being a Dutch polder, not just Along with the cross in addition to it, but with mines dug underneath, avalanche defense, dining places, inns, ski slopes, ski lifts, half pipes for snowboarders, artificial lakes to create synthetic snow, a watch to the urbanized valley underneath, and in summertime cows not for that production of milk and meat but for maintenance.

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This cradle to cradle state of affairs re-negociate the relationship between alive and lifeless ghosts, concerning eros & tanatos… the timidity symptom can be a chemistry, an allelopathic application aratus to re-inject a diploma of dispute, of conflict involving ‘proto and crypto’ natures

Directions: Lease this silk cocoon-weaving system – preciously precise and exact – to produce momentary structures, camping web sites, out of this link doors workshops or back garden events.

On one particular aspect the fetishism of the economic products and solutions and elements (Italian Worldwide Pavilion) and on the other the celebration of the political failure of the world… as being a naive agitprop in the position to wrap the architect with politically accurate conscientiousness… self-complaisance for this snug dualism.

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